Why should government services increase the use of CNG vehicles?

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In the province of Quebec, greenhouse gas emissions attributed to the transportation sector amount to about 40%. This is consequently a major part of the pollution emitted in the province from heavy vehicles that are usually diesel-powered.

Many levels of government and their bodies, whether municipal, provincial or federal, have polluting vehicles in their fleets. However, there are now an increasing number of alternatives to fossil energy sources, including compressed natural gas from biomass.

Find out why government services should make more room for CNG vehicles.

Leading the way in sustainable development by leveraging CNG truck fleets

While the electrification of modes of transport is probably the most effective solution to reduce emissions and several public utilities have already replaced some vehicles with electric cars, this solution is not very suitable for large vehicles. Indeed, these require a higher power and range, which is still difficult to generate with electric motors. Faced with this constraint, the most effective solution is to use biofuels, including some forms of compressed natural gas.

Using natural gas instead of diesel reduces GHG emissions by 25% and significantly reduces the amount of air pollutants emitted by vehicles. The most common natural gas vehicles are heavy trucks, utility vehicles and buses.

Therefore, if government services want to set an example for the public and be a leader in sustainable development, it is in their best interest to go green and make more room for renewable CNG.

Stick to budgets and reduce costs with stable CNG prices

One of the most important issues for a government is respecting its budget. Elected officials are often judged on their ability to manage the public funds at their disposal. As the price of oil fluctuates considerably, it can become complex to accurately predict the costs of supplying municipal or government vehicles with fuel.

CNG is a fuel with a much more stable price. It is not affected by political instability in certain regions of the world like oil can be. Using vehicles equipped with CNG engines is therefore a good way to balance the established budgets more effectively.

Moreover, although there is a cost to converting or acquiring a CNG truck or heavy vehicle, the savings made at the pump subsequently ensure that the cost of conversion is generally recouped in less than 5 years.

EBI Natural Gas, an agent of change with a key role to play

For elected officials, the time has now come to move from words to action. The current environmental situation is critical and it is vital that new energy policies be adopted, particularly with regard to reducing the use of fossil fuels.

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