Natural gas buses

Public transit use has long been considered an effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, some large carriers can consume a lot of fuel. In its mission to counter climate change, EBI offers a wide range of solutions enabling these vehicles to reduce their dependence on oil by opting for compressed natural gas (CNG).

Driving the future, one passenger at a time

Controlling operating costs, remaining competitive and reducing environmental and noise pollution by opting for CNG is our offer to you.
Deliver the benefits of CNG to thousands of people and inspire your community to create a better tomorrow.

Wide range of CNG buses*

URBAN Foton America Bus co L40 CNG
Gillig 30 / 35 / 40 LF
NABI 35 LFW/ 40 LFW / 60 BRT
New Flyer 30 LF / 35 LF / 40 LF
Orion V HF / VII LF
COACH DesignLine USA Commuter Coach
Motor Coach Industries (MCI) Commuter Coach 40/45
SHUTTLE BUS El Dorado Axess/ E-Z Rider II – Transmark RE / XHF
SCHOOL BUS Blue Bird All Americain RE
Thomas Saf-T Liner HDX

*This list is not exhaustive, other bus models and types may be added.

CNG buses pay off!

There are numerous benefits to buying natural gas buses. For a passenger transport business owner, any factor that helps you gain an advantage over competition cannot be overlooked. Here are some of the main advantages of a natural gas engine.


Quieter transport

Cruise the streets with a 10 decibel quieter bus and citizens will be grateful for it.


Exceed environmental standards

Do your customers have environmental standards to meet? Go green and position yourself as a leader in clean transportation. You will gain a key advantage over your competitors.


Control your operating costs

Your consumption and fueling report is a definitive way to better control your operating costs and monitor your budget. In this sense, when doing business with EBI, you will have valuable information that allows you to balance your finances.


Win contracts

Stand out from competition using CNG for your fleet of buses or shuttles. Its low and stable price is a great asset for your next call for tenders. You will be able to bid at low prices, without fearing that a surge in oil prices will reduce your profit margin.

EBI’s natural gas: for renewed and simplified mobility

Thinking about switching to natural gas? Do you have special requests or want to implement a specific type of fueling for your bus company? Contact our experts and we can carefully review all possible options. Our team will put all its experience at your disposal to provide solutions that meet your needs.