With a natural gas vehicle fleet,
you can better serve the public

Join a community of change leaders, improve the quality of your environment and help balance your budgets by opting for a compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle fleet.

We are proud to contribute to the well-being of your community, offering advice and guiding you to the best option for your vehicle fleet. Achieving your environmental goals and reducing fuel costs are undeniably convincing arguments to the public.

Wide range of CNG government vehicles

To meet the most specific needs of government organizations, many truck manufacturers offer a full line of natural gas government vehicles*.

 Freightliner M2, 114SD, Cascadia
 Crane Carrier  Low Cab Forward
 Kenworth T-880, T-680, T-800, T-440, T-470, T-880S
 Mack Trucks  Terra Pro Low Entry/Cabover
 Peterbilt 567, 348, 365, 520, 579, 337
DUMP TRUCKS  Freightliner M2, 114SD, Cascadia
 Kenworth T-880, T-680, T-800, T-440, T-470, T-880S
 Peterbilt 567, 348, 365, 520, 579, 337
CEMENT MIXER/UTILITY  Freightliner M2, 114SD, Cascadia
 Kenworth T-880, T-680, T-800, T-440, T-470, T-880S
 Peterbilt 567, 348, 365, 520, 579, 337
FLATBED/CUBE  Freightliner M2, 114SD, Cascadia
 Peterbilt 567, 348, 365, 520, 579, 337
STREET SWEEPER  Freightliner M2, 114SD, Cascadia
VACUUM/SEWER  Freightliner M2, 114SD, Cascadia

*This list is not exhaustive, other truck models and types can be added.

A CNG vehicle fleet pays off!


Quieter transport

Public services are primarily designed to provide a better quality of life for residents. In this sense, reducing noise pollution by switching to natural gas vehicles is a gesture directed towards the well-being of the community. When you use government vehicles that are 10 decibels quieter, your citizens will thank you.


Gain an environmental benefit

Respect environmental standards and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. Position yourself as a leader in green transportation. Citizens will appreciate your sensitivity to environmental issues and your actions to preserve the quality of their living environment. You will also contribute to the population’s health by spreading fewer toxic emissions in the air.


A healthy budget, why not?

Your consumption report is a great resource to better control your operating costs, balance your budget and even generate surpluses. This is a considerable challenge when managing citizens’ money.


A growing number of fueling stations

The number of public CNG stations is constantly increasing. Three new public stations are expected to open by the end of 2018. Take advantage of Canada’s largest network of CNG stations!

Natural gas EBI: an ally in government service development

Do you have any special requests for natural gas-powered government vehicles? No problem, our experts can discuss all the possible CNG truck and private or public station configuration options with you.

Become part of the change and contact us!