Make a difference
with CNG vehicles

When competition becomes fierce, it can often be helpful to think outside the box and chart your own course to stand out. Don’t let competition outpace you, become leaders in your field by adopting compressed natural gas (CNG) for your vehicles. Whether you work in the field of delivery, moving, towing or anything else, choose CNG and enjoy the economic and environmental benefits of this innovative fuel.

At EBI, we are proud to contribute to your success by advising you and guiding you to the best option for your vehicle fleet. We can help you find the solutions and services best suited to your specific needs.

A wide range of CNG vehicles

Many vehicles are available and dealers are further developing new, factory-built CNG models. Ford, Chevrolet and GMC are now offering pickup trucks designed to run on CNG without the need for a conversion kit.

A fleet of light CNG vehicles pays off!


Savings at the pump

Compared with conventional fuels such as gasoline and diesel, natural gas is less expensive and has a stable price. If you are frequently on the road and consume a lot of fuel, you can save a great deal of money by using a CNG vehicle.


Quieter transport

With a natural gas engine, your vehicle is quieter than one with a traditional engine when driving. With a van or pickup truck that is 10 decibels quieter, you will be a major player in the fight against noise pollution.


Gain an environmental benefit

Do you want to leave behind a better planet for future generations? Be part of the solution to global warming by reducing your greenhouse gas emissions by almost 25% with a CNG vehicle. This alternative fuel also generates important reductions in emissions of fine particles and atmospheric pollutants compared to gasoline and diesel.
Are you an entrepreneur with customers that have environmental standards to meet? Go green and position yourself as a leader in eco-friendly transportation. You will gain a key advantage over your competitors.


Carefully monitor your fuel consumption

By teaming up with EBI for your vehicle fuel supply, you benefit from a significant advantage: access to a full fueling report. This document allows you to accurately forecast future consumption, which is ideal for auditing and budgeting.


A growing number of fueling stations

More and more people are choosing to run on CNG. In fact, the number of public CNG stations is constantly increasing. With EBI, you benefit from the largest network of CNG stations in Canada!

Switch to natural gas for renewed and simplified mobility

Do you have specific questions about switching to CNG or want to implement a specific type of fueling for your company? Contact our experts and we can carefully review all possible options. We want to help you pave the way for a greener future.