Eco-friendly heavy truck
rentals service for
natural gas trucks

EBI offers transport carriers a host of solutions to make their business more profitable and environmentally friendly. As renewable fuel pioneers, we offer you heavy truck rentals or purchases that run on compressed natural gas (CNG).

The economic benefits of natural gas trucks

The variable costs involved in carrying out operations can often be a real headache for transport companies. The extra costs of fuel can greatly undermine your profitability and, consequently, your competitiveness. There’s no better time to choose an abundant fuel at affordable, stable prices, no matter what roads your trucks drive on.

We look forward to contributing to your success with our support, advice and the network of CNG fueling stations we provide. You will keep your trucks on the road while helping your company lower fuel costs and reduce its environmental footprint.

A wide range of eco-friendly heavy trucks*

PETERBILT567, 348, 365, 520, 579, 337

* This list is not exhaustive, other truck models and types can be added.

Adopt compressed natural gas and be part of the change


Gain an environmental benefit

Your customers will notice your sense of leadership towards environment. Sustainable development is an important issue to the public. Become a part of the solution to climate change.


Monitor your consumption

You have access to a consumption report for each truck. Managing your budgets and optimizing your routes is as easy as can be. Moreover, you can safely bet that oil price fluctuations won’t undermine your expected profits.


Fast-fill fueling

Our fast-fill stations have a refueling time comparable to a diesel fill-up. Every minute counts!


Growing number of stations

The number of available stations continues to increase. Take advantage of the largest network of CNG stations in Canada. With three stations at present, including one located in Montreal and two in the Lanaudière region, you can plan your fueling hassle-free. In addition, to offer even more flexibility to its customers, EBI plans to double its number of stations by the end of 2018.

EBI compressed natural gas: for renewed and simplified mobility

Do you have any special requests or constraints that make you hesitate? Not to worry, meet with our team and we can help you find the option that best meets your needs in terms of configuring natural gas trucks and fueling stations.

You can also contact our team directly by filling out our online contact form. Rest assured that customer satisfaction is very important to us. We’ll make sure you get a quick and honest answer to each of your questions.