Choose natural gas construction
vehicles for your company

The Construction industry is a competitive business sector where proper management and control of operation costs can make a huge difference when it comes to winning a contract or a call for tenders.

Essentially, in every construction project, vehicles needed to transport materials, tools and labour can consume a great deal of gasoline or diesel. As the cost of traditional fuels tends to fluctuate, it can be difficult to estimate their real price when it comes time to bid. In this regard, natural gas has a very stable price.

Bet on success by adopting compressed natural gas (CNG) for your construction trucks, an eco-friendly, sensible and above all cost-effective choice.

Wide range of CNG dump trucks and concrete mixers

Many truck manufacturers now offer a range of natural gas vehicles *. For the most part, these models have the same performance characteristics as their diesel engine counterparts, while offering all the benefits of running on CNG.

DUMP TRUCK Freightliner M2, 114SD, Cascadia
Kenworth T-880, T-680, T-800, T-440, T-470, T-880S
Peterbilt 567, 348, 365, 520, 579, 337
CONCRETE MIXER/UTILITY Freightliner M2, 114SD, Cascadia
Kenworth T-880, T-680, T-800, T-440, T-470, T-880S
Peterbilt 567, 348, 365, 520, 579, 337

* This list is not exhaustive, other truck models and types can be added.

Build a better future with natural gas


Quieter transport

Noise pollution is an issue that affects many people, especially when construction takes place in a residential area. Carry out your work with construction trucks that are 10 decibels quieter and your community will be grateful.


Exceed environmental standards

Position yourself as a leader in environmental issues by reducing your polluting emissions. You will gain a key advantage over your competitors and improve the air quality. This is a great way to lead by example while saving money.


Control your operating costs

Your consumption report is a definitive way to better control your operating costs and monitor your budget. In a field like construction where every dollar counts, you will be happy to be able to count on a cost-efficient fuel that reduces your expenses.


Win contracts

Stand out from competition using CNG for your fleet of trucks. Its low and stable price is a great asset that allows you to make accurate downward estimates for your next calls for tenders.



Fill up on CNG at our public stations in a similar amount of time as a diesel fill or opt for a slow-fill overnight. Ask about the most beneficial options.

Build a solid foundation with EBI natural gas

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