Natural gas commercial trucks
for every speciality

No matter what your commercial truck is designed for, it must meet your operational needs, allowing you to optimize your costs related to usage. Purchasing diesel, with its volatile and unpredictable price, can therefore negatively affect your profit margin and put you in a delicate and uncomfortable situation.
It is time to bet on a reliable and inexpensive fuel with a stable price: compressed natural gas (CNG).
Join us on the road into the future!

Wide range of CNG commercial trucks

To meet the needs of companies in various industry sectors, many commercial truck manufacturers now offer alternatives to traditional diesel trucks*. There is a complete range of suitable natural gas-powered vehicles available. It is therefore possible to obtain the same performance and efficiency as equivalent traditional engines, while gaining the advantages of an eco-friendly and innovative fuel.

Crane CarrierLow Cab Forward
FreightlinerM2, 114SD, Cascadia
KenworthT-880, T-680, T-800, T-440, T-470, T-880S
Mack TrucksMRU, LR, Anthem
Peterbilt567, 348, 365, 520, 579, 337
DUMP TRUCKSFreightlinerM2, 114SD, Cascadia
KenworthT-880, T-680, T-800, T-440, T-470, T-880S
Peterbilt567, 348, 365, 520, 579, 337
CEMENT MIXER/UTILITYFreightlinerM2, 114SD, Cascadia
KenworthT-880, T-680, T-800, T-440, T-470, T-880S
Peterbilt567, 348, 365, 520, 579, 337
FLATBED/CUBEFreightlinerM2, 114SD, Cascadia
Peterbilt567, 348, 365, 520, 579, 337
STREET SWEEPERFreightlinerM2, 114SD, Cascadia
VACUUM/SEWERFreightlinerM2, 114SD, Cascadia

*Cette liste n’est pas exhaustive, d’autres modèles et types d’autobus peuvent s’y ajouter.

CNG commercial trucks, a cost-effective choice!


Quieter transport

You don’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons. You certainly don’t want people to remember your business because of the racket your trucks make. Citizens will be grateful to you for driving around with vehicles that are 10 decibels quieter thanks to natural gas engines.


Gain an environmental benefit

Do your customers have environmental standards to meet? Go green and position yourself as a leader in clean transportation. You will gain a key advantage over your competitors.


Control your operating costs

Your consumption report is a definitive way to better control your operating costs and monitor your budget. It is much easier to forecast costs and expenses when you have detailed information about your fueling habits and don’t have to worry about possible oil price fluctuations.


Win contracts

Stand out from competition by using CNG for your commercial vehicles fleet. You will have a much better chance of winning contracts with lower bids due to your fuel savings. Moreover, you are protected from profit margin reductions caused by oil price increases.

EBI natural gas: a logical and eco-friendly way to power your commercial trucks

Do you have special requests for CNG-powered commercial vehicles or would you like to implement a specific fueling type for your company? Contact our experts and we can carefully review all possible options.