Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV)

A pioneer in natural gas- vehicles (NGV), EBI has been fostering the use of this cleaner fuel for years among the general public. As part of a process to reduce a company’s carbon footprint, switching to natural gas can also be financially beneficial. In short, it is a logical and ecological decision.

Democratizing natural gas vehicles

In 2015, there were over 22 million natural gas vehicles in the world. Diesel price volatility and unpredictable price rises have motivated companies and transportation fleets to find alternative fuels, such as compressed natural gas (CNG).
In order to meet growing demand, North American truck and bus manufacturers now offer more than 50 models of NGV. Engines designed specifically for CNG provide power, torque and energy efficiency similar to equivalent diesel engines.

Vehicles adapted for different sectors of activity

No matter the specific requirements in your workplace, you can rest assured that there is a type of CNG vehicle that can provide everything you need.

camions lourds

Heavy transport

An ideal solution for two- or three-axle trucks, CNG trucks allow you to continue your operations, while gaining a significant advantage over your competitors: a better reduction in your operating costs.



Stay competitive, control costs and reduce your carbon footprint by choosing CNG for your trucks. Let’s build a cleaner future together!

véhicules légers et intermédiaires

Light and medium vehicles

Don’t be outpaced by the competition, become leaders in your field by adopting CNG for your vehicles. Whether you are a delivery, moving, towing or other company, CNG is a great way to promote your business.

camions vocationnels

Collection trucks

There is nobody better positioned than us to provide advice about the significant benefits of CNG in the field of waste collection. Opt for an environmental, as well as functional, choice for your daily operations.



Contribute to a greener community by opting for an eco-friendly technology that is also quieter. Citizens and bus passengers will thank you.

flottes municipales et gouvernementales

Municipal and governmental fleets

Join a community of environmentally conscious leaders by choosing CNG for your municipal fleet. Achieving your environmental objectives and better managing your budgets are important arguments that rally public opinion.

EBI: natural gas vehicle pioneers

With a unique experience in the natural gas sector and with vehicles running on this innovative fuel, EBI experts are ready to answer any questions you may have on the subject. Don’t hesitate to contact them if you have any questions.