Eco-friendly compressed natural gas (CNG) truck rentals

The decision to purchase a new compressed natural gas (CNG) truck must be carefully considered.
To get a better sense of how this can positively impact your business, why not rent a CNG truck before purchasing one?
At EBI, this is one of the CNG transition services that we offer!

Free 10-day natural gas truck road test

Are you thinking of buying or renting a CNG truck but want to try one out first?
EBI offers the opportunity to test drive a truck for 10 days without commitments or fees.
Discover and get a taste of all the advantages of CNG.

We help you find the right CNG truck for you

When you meet with one of our experts, they will offer different truck rental options.
Whether choosing the type of CNG vehicle or terms of financing, you will be able to compare all of your options and make an informed decision.

Thinking of buying a CNG truck instead?

Our experts can also help you make the right choice and support you during the purchasing process of your new CNG truck.

Various CNG truck models available for rent

Whether you drive heavy trucks, buses, or work in any other industry, we offer CNG trucks that will meet your needs.

You choose the duration of your rental

The rental duration can be determined once you meet with our representative. They will give you a personalized offer based on your expectations, operational constraints and specific needs (power, CNG fueling, etc.).

Our truck rentals are available:

  • Short term (monthly)
  • Medium term (one to four years)
  • Long term (five years or more)

Rely on industry pioneers for a compressed natural gas truck rental

Who better to help another company than one who already owns more than 100 compressed natural gas trucks?
We are pleased to use our experience acquired over the past few years to help our clients move forward with their business projects.
Do you have questions regarding the rental or purchase of a compressed natural gas truck? Contact us today.