Eco Friendly Truck Rental
with Compressed Natural Gas

Making an informed choice when buying a new truck requires research and consideration. Your truck fleet’s renewal rate is a key factor in your profitability and operations. Our rental service allows you to test drive a compressed natural gas (CNG) truck in your daily operations and can help answer several of your questions.
At EBI, we understand you! That’s why we decided to offer you a simple turnkey option; the eco friendly truck rental.

Test drive a compressed natural gas truck

EBI offers you the opportunity to test drive a truck, with no rental fee or commitment, for a period of 10 days.
This will allow you to discover all the benefits CNG can provide.

Short, medium and long-term CNG truck rental

Purchasing a truck can sometimes make you hesitant and it can be beneficial to instead rent in the short, medium or long term. At EBI, we have several trucks available to customers considering a switch to CNG.

Our trucks, designed to meet our customer needs, are available for short term (monthly), medium term (one year to four years) or long term (five years and over) rental. Rental times can be adjusted when meeting with your representative. They will take your goals, operational demands and specific needs into account and can offer you a customized service.

Eco friendly truck procurement

Our experts can also help you make the right choices and support you throughout the process of acquiring a new CNG truck. What’s better than the help of a company with over a hundred CNG trucks? We are always happy to use our experience gained over the years to help guide our customers.

Your business project

When you meet with our experts, they can offer you different options including purchase or rental of trucks. Whether deciding on the truck model or financing terms, you can compare the available options and make an informed decision.

After-sales service is a priority at EBI, which is why we listen closely to our customers and provide them with support and expertise throughout the process.

Every day, EBI’s infrastructure is used by more than 170 CNG trucks from nearly 20 companies.

Will you be the next?

Find the eco friendly truck that’s right for you

In order to make the best choice when it comes to renting or buying a CNG truck, don’t hesitate to contact our team. Our know-how is matched only by our commitment to offering you a tailored service that perfectly meets your expectations. Switch to natural gas today!