Compressed natural
gas fueling

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is an alternative fuel with growing demand. As such, to help you take advantage of all the economic and environmental benefits of natural gas, EBI wants to demystify CNG fueling.

Compressed natural gas fueling stations

There are two types of CNG fueling stations, the main difference being the fueling time for vehicles.

Fast-fill station

CNG fast-fill stations fuel in a time comparable to diesel stations. EBI’s public stations are designed for fast-fill. They have powerful compressors for optimal vehicle tank filling.

Slow-fill station

Slow-fill stations allow filling of multiple vehicles simultaneously over a period of a few hours, generally at night. Advantageous for truck fleets that usually return to their base at the end of the day, the slow-fill station usually fills vehicles in the absence of the driver. Drivers only need to plug in their truck at the end of the day and it is ready for use when they arrive the next day.

What differentiates a natural gas fueling
station from a traditional gas station?

There are numerous benefits to converting your buses to natural gas. For a passenger transport contractor, no factor that can provide an advantage over the competition can be overlooked. Here are some of the main advantages of a natural gas engine.


A “green” fuel

Several things distinguish EBI’s natural gas fueling stations from gas stations. First, natural gas is a cleaner fuel than traditional fuels. This means that using it contributes to reducing your ecological footprint.


Calculating different quantities

Price of regular gas is usually calculated per liter. In the case of CNG, price is calculated by weight, in kilograms. Moreover, unlike the price of a liter of gasoline which fluctuates continuously, the price of a kilogram of CNG is very stable and allows you to anticipate your fuel costs much more precisely.


Different tools

The pumps are also different, specially designed to distribute natural gas under pressure.


Flexible payment method

With EBI’s CNG, fills can be paid by credit card at each visit or paid periodically when you receive your detailed consumption report. If you choose the second option, EBI will provide you with a chip key that you will have to insert into the pump to activate it.

Find out more about compressed natural gas

If you want to learn more about CNG fueling and our various fueling stations, contact our team today. Our dedicated staff is committed to providing an exceptional service and helping you find the nearest station.