EBI services

Opt for renewable natural gas

Since 1960, EBI has stood out for its innovative vision of creating harmony between environment and energy. With this desire to promote environmentally friendly energies, the EBI team works day in and day out to offer an alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

EBI: A partner you can count on

Our dedicated and responsive team will answer all your questions and support you throughout the process of adopting compressed natural gas (CNG) as a fuel. Our representatives take the time necessary to provide you with a cost evaluation and a personalized estimate of your annual savings and return on investment. When doing business with EBI, you also receive a high quality after-sales service in which our representatives are attentive to your concerns and offer solutions tailored to your situation.

Our natural gas fueling service

Due to our awareness of the impact of fueling on your services and operations, different station options can be made available to you. Whether for a public or private station, for fast-fill or slow-fill, our representatives can help you find a solution that meets your needs and allows you to easily transition to CNG.

CNG trucks

Rental, a simple and sensible solution

Are you interested in CNG but not quite ready to start the process of buying a CNG truck? We can help. Our experts can offer you different options to familiarize you with CNG without having to purchase a truck right away. You can enjoy all the benefits of CNG without making an immediate commitment.
In fact, we offer several short, medium and long-term truck rentals. These are designed to meet the majority of our customers’ operational needs. It is also possible to rent customized trucks, which will accommodate professionals from all industry sectors. The versatility and variety of our available vehicles are matched only by our commitment to providing you with a truck and terms that meet your specific needs.

Why not make a purchase?

Want to buy a CNG truck that meets your precise technical specifications? Do not hesitate to ask for our support in making a stress-free purchase. As users ourselves, you can benefit from our knowledge and experience gained over the past decade to provide you with guidance and help you make the right choice.

Think about the future and choose renewable natural gas

We made the choice to switch to natural gas almost 10 years ago. This choice, while ambitious, is now an excellent decision, aligning with our commitment to leave behind a better planet for future generations. Choosing clean energy over conventional fuels can make a difference in the environment.
Let yourself be carried away by the winds of change. Don’t hesitate to contact our team. They can help you find the services best suited to your needs.