2 school bus manufacturers offering compressed natural gas models

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School bus companies are not only responsible for getting students to and from school, they are an integral part of the education system. Over the past few years, many of them have chosen to set an example for students and communities by using cleaner and quieter vehicles such as compressed natural gas (CNG) school buses.

If you share this vision, you are probably wondering which school bus manufacturers offer environmentally friendly alternatives to diesel buses.

Here are two companies manufacturing CNG versions of some of their most popular school bus models.

Blue Bird

A leader in the promotion of alternative fuels in passenger transportation, Blue Bird contributes to energy transition by offering natural gas buses.

Their CNG-ready Vision model is a great example. Equipped with a 6.8-litre V10 engine made by Ford, this bus offers high acceleration power while providing school transportation companies with fuel-efficiency. With its great driving range, it can be refueled in fast or slow filling stations.

Moreover, the low carbon content of CNG results in longer oil change intervals and less engine wear, reducing maintenance costs and extending vehicle life.

Designed with Quebec’s climate in mind, Blue Bird Vision school buses are easy to start in cold weather, even at – 40°C, and their interior warms up quickly for optimal comfort.

Thomas Built Buses

Thomas Built Buses has been manufacturing school buses designed to meet the needs of passengers, drivers and the community since 1936. The company went green over 10 years ago by offering an eco-friendly and customizable school transportation solution: the Saf-T Liner HDX model equipped with a CNG engine.

The Saf-T Liner HDX CNG school bus has up to 13% less greenhouse gas emissions than the diesel version, all while offering a range of options for passenger comfort.

Its 280hp Cummins ISL G 250 engine provides more than enough power to offer impressive acceleration, even with 90 passengers on board, all while being fuel-efficient.

Available with heated mirrors and a remote starter, Thomas Built Buses’ CNG Saf-T Liner HDX is definitely ready for Quebec winters.

With EBI as a partner, more and more companies are adopting CNG

As the popularity of alternative fuels continues to grow, school bus manufacturers are continually adding new models to their CNG school bus catalogue. The models mentioned are therefore only two examples of many.

For more information on CNG vehicles and their fueling, or even to purchase a CNG school bus, we invite you to contact us for advice. At EBI, we will offer you customized solutions that even include fueling.