Private or public CNG service station: What’s the best option for your fleet?

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Compressed natural gas (CNG) is an increasingly popular fuel today, in part due to its low environmental impact compared to conventional fuels. However, this fuel is not yet as widely distributed as gasoline or diesel.

Although several public CNG service stations can already be found in Quebec, some companies choose to invest in a private CNG service station so that they can have their own supply of fuel readily available at all times.

Do you own several vehicles and are you interested in switching to compressed natural gas, but don’t know if you should invest in a private CNG service station? In this article, find out which CNG fueling option is best for your fleet.

Public CNG service stations are ideal for small fleets

If your fleet has a small number of vehicles, it may be cost-effective to fill CNG at a public station. These stations are accessible to everyone and offer a number of benefits to companies without the need for investment in infrastructure.

Fast filling for long routes

Public service stations have the advantage of using high-performance compressors and pumps to deliver natural gas under very high pressure. This means that you can fill up your tank in the same amount of time it takes to fill up with diesel. If a CNG truck needs to fill up in the middle of its route, it can stop at one of these stations for a quick fueling and be on its way a few minutes later.

Reasons to opt for a private CNG service station

Private CNG service stations are ideal for large fleets with vehicles that return to the same base each night.

Slow but efficient filling

These stations operate using a slow filling method. As a result, they don’t require tanks capable of storing CNG under as high a pressure as those found at public stations. However, they do make it possible to fill all trucks or vehicles simultaneously, in series, over a period of a few hours (filling is usually done during the night). In addition, filling can be done without the presence of the truck driver or an attendant.

Slow filling also reduces air pockets in the fuel tank and allows trucks to travel further on a single tank of CNG.

CNG fueling is a cost-effective option

Among the key benefits of fueling at public and private CNG service stations are the savings they can provide. This is because the price of CNG is calculated by weight (kilogram) instead of by volume (litre) like conventional gasoline or diesel. In addition, unlike the price per litre of gasoline, which varies constantly, the price of natural gas is very stable, which allows you to anticipate your fuel expenses much more accurately.

In fact, some suppliers, such as EBI, offer you the option of paying for your full tank of CNG on site by credit card, or paying at the end of each month upon receipt of a detailed consumption report.

In short, whether you choose to invest in the installation of a private station for your fleet or instead make a quick refill at public stations, CNG is a cost-effective option in the long term.

EBI natural gas: a green and cost-effective choice

In conclusion, small fleets of trucks that have to drive long distances are more likely to benefit from the public CNG fueling service. However, if you have a large fleet of vehicles, it is worth investing in the installation of a private CNG service station. In all cases, CNG fueling is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option because it is less expensive and less polluting than running on conventional fossil fuels.

At EBI, we are proud to be one of the leading suppliers of compressed natural gas for transportation in Quebec with an ever-growing network of public and private stations. Contact our team to learn more about our CNG fueling services!