Is natural gas a renewable energy source?

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Today, there is a need to think about respecting the environment by adopting new responsible habits in our daily lives. Any means of transport has a significant impact on our environment, especially with regard to air pollution and particle emissions into the air. However, there are more sustainable solutions, such as natural gas as an alternative to other fuels. But is natural gas a renewable energy source that man will have access to indefinitely?

Natural gas is both a fossil fuel and a renewable energy source

There are different ways to extract natural gas. However, the vast majority of what is available on the market is fossil natural gas, generated from organic matter that is several million years old. When extracted, like coal and oil, it is not inexhaustible because it is consumed faster than it is formed. This type of extraction also causes environmental damage, due to the mobilization of complex infrastructure and damage to work sites, which can lead to unprecedented climate change.

Another type of natural gas can be produced locally and used in the traditional gas network. Indeed, renewable natural gas (RNG) is gradually entering the market. A 100% renewable and carbon-neutral energy source, RNG is produced by decomposing organic matter.

What about compressed natural gas?

In order to reduce the transport-related environmental footprint, which accounts for nearly half of greenhouse gas emissions, compressed natural gas, also known by the acronym CNG, can be an alternative solution for vehicles including heavy trucks.

Due to its compression, it has a 300 times lower volume than other conventional fuels. In addition, since it can be transported through the underground natural gas supply system, fueling stations can be installed at almost any location where the system is available.

Renewable natural gas versus other alternatives

Compressed natural gas, when extracted from residual materials, is therefore a viable eco-friendly alternative. It is becoming one of the cleanest automotive fuels on the market, with a reduction in CO2 emissions and 95% less fine particulate matter than diesel and gasoline.

It is also cheaper and less dangerous: lighter than air, it dissipates when released into the atmosphere, significantly reducing the risk of leaks. We can therefore see that CNG is part of a real energy revolution, complemented in recent years by electric vehicles. It should be noted that, for the time being, CNG fueling is done just as quickly as a conventional fueling system, compared to electric vehicles which take longer to charge.

Natural gas can be a renewable energy source

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