How does compressed natural gas truck rental work?

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Buying a new vehicle involves a long and time-consuming decision-making process. With so many choices and models available, it can be easy to make mistakes.

With the rise in gasoline prices, many companies are looking for compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles when renewing or upgrading their commercial fleets. To encourage entrepreneurs to choose this type of vehicle, some companies now offer a rental service. But how does CNG truck rental work, exactly?

Needs assessment before renting a CNG truck

Renting a natural gas vehicle is an easy process, which is very similar to a car dealership’s rental service. The first step is usually to contact an eco-truck rental company. This contact can be made by phone or by visiting the site and it allows you to emphasize your needs, since many types of vehicles are available.

The different rental terms offered

Once your needs have been determined, your designated representative can recommend a road test. This type of test, often at no cost or commitment, allows you to temporarily use the CNG vehicle for up to 30 days. This test period is more than enough time to assess whether the chosen model is capable of meeting your operational challenges. If the selected vehicle is suitable for you, the dealer can offer you a custom rental agreement. The rental terms are divided into 3 categories. First, there is short-term rental, which is monthly. Then there is the medium-term lease, which extends from 1 to 4 years, and finally the long-term lease, which reaches 5 years. You decide the term of lease, but your representative will probably recommend one over another based on an analysis of your objectives and operational constraints.

Choose the CNG-powered vehicle that meets your needs

There are many CNG-powered truck models. Which one is right for you? A discussion with your representative will help you identify the model that best meets your business needs. Do you need a heavy goods vehicle to transport your goods? Or rather, a lighter vehicle to make deliveries or pickups in urban areas? Some companies have very specific needs and require so-called “vocational” vehicles such as dump trucks, concrete mixers or collection trucks.

The different types of CNG fueling stations when you rent

With the rise in popularity of compressed natural gas vehicles, the number of CNG fueling stations is increasing. Two types of stations are available. First, there are the fast fueling stations, which are open to all types of vehicles. They allow you to refuel in a time comparable to a diesel tank. Then there are the slow refueling stations, which are designed to refuel over a long period of time, such as at night, for example. With this type of station, you are not required to stay close to the truck. However, some companies, including EBI, offer private mobile or fixed stations, which can be located near your business park.

EBI Natural Gas: for hassle-free CNG truck rental

Choosing a CNG vehicle is a sensible choice. However, since purchasing a vehicle raises many questions, renting remains a highly attractive option for companies that want to modernize their commercial fleet. By properly defining your needs, and choosing a reputable CNG vehicle rental company, your rental experience will certainly convince you to abandon traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

EBI Natural Gas can offer help and guidance in making the best choice from their wide selection of CNG truck models. Our expert staff has only one goal: to satisfy you. To rent a CNG vehicle or for any other information, contact EBI Natural Gas. Our staff will be happy to guide you through the rental or purchase process.