Are there grants for converting diesel vehicles to CNG?

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Diesel price volatility and a commitment to reducing polluting emissions are among the reasons companies adopt alternative fuels. According to many, CNG (compressed natural gas) is an alternative fuel that has the potential to successfully replace diesel. That’s why some incentives have been introduced to encourage companies to adopt it.

Discover two grant programs designed that facilitate the conversion of diesel vehicles to CNG.

The Eco-Trucking program overseen by Transports Québec

“Reduce the environmental footprint of road freight transport”. This is one of the objectives that the Government of Quebec wants to achieve under its 2013-2020 Action Plan on climate change.

One of the tools the Ministry of Transport has developed to achieve this is the Program to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Road Freight Transportation, better known as the “Eco-Trucking Program”.

The Eco-Trucking Program is divided into five components. One is aimed at applicants who want to acquire a technology that will reduce their environmental footprint. The technology in question must be on a short list established by Transports Québec.

Financial support for switching to compressed natural gas

Vehicles powered by compressed natural gas, with their numerous benefits for reducing pollutant emissions, are among the technologies eligible for a grant.

Specifically, a financial subsidy equivalent to 30% of eligible expenses and up to a maximum of $30,000 may be granted by the Government of Québec to purchase of a vehicle that runs on compressed natural gas.

Apply for a grant to switch to CNG

In order to receive a grant, the applicant must first complete the Application for Financial Assistance for Technology Acquisition Form. They must also meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the Technology Acquisition Funding Application Guide and provide all the information requested in the document.

EBI – Desjardins grant for the conversion of dual diesel/CNG energy

Since converting heavy diesel vehicles to CNG is both financially and environmentally beneficial, there is an incentive for a financial institution like Desjardins to encourage companies to make this shift to cleaner energy.

Business owners who want to convert a new or used heavy vehicle are invited to apply for a grant from EBI. Those whose applications are accepted could receive up to $10,000, or about 25% of the cost of a dual diesel/CNG conversion.

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If you want to switch to compressed natural gas, you can benefit from a small financial boost thanks to these subsidies.

As a leading CNG vehicle company, EBI’s experts will provide you with all the help you need to ensure that your transition to this alternative fuel is as smooth and cost-effective as possible. Contact us!