Will gas be the future of energy for Quebec?

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As the environment becomes increasingly important in the collective consciousness and in the public sphere, effective measures to reduce our ecological footprint become essential.

Quebec has a strong public interest in combustible gases. However, despite this increase in popularity, one question remains: does gas play a role in the future of energy?

In the following article, we attempt to shed some light on the issue.

Natural gas: a renewable resource?

Let’s start by looking at how gas is made.

Take biogas, for example. This combustible gas is produced from the fermentation of organic waste. Generally speaking, this waste simply comes from animal or vegetable sources. Micro-organisms are used to produce it and biodegrade the material. Nothing could be more natural.

And since Quebec already has several production sites, biogas is a viable alternative to oil, which has to be imported most of the time.

Gas to the rescue of the Earth… and the population

Gas also appears to be paving the way for the future in another way.

The road transportation industry produces about 43% of greenhouse gas emissions in Quebec. At a time when environmental protection is a major issue, it has become crucial to find solutions to reduce the ecological footprint of the light, medium and heavy vehicles that travel on our roads.

In an effort to address this issue, alternative fuels must be considered to replace traditional fuels. To this end, compressed natural gas appears to be an excellent alternative.

On average, CNG-powered engines emit 25% less greenhouse gases than diesel-powered engines. Using this fuel therefore reduces the amount of fine particles released into the surrounding air, which are very harmful to the health of the population.

In addition, unlike diesel engines, natural gas vehicles are much more environmentally friendly. For example, CNG engines produce less nitrogen oxide, sulphur oxide and carbon monoxide.

Consequently, this fuel offers good prospects for the future.

For a more vibrant and green economy

CNG not only appears to benefit the environment. It also benefits consumers, who pay about 30% less than oil. Its price also has greater stability and less fluctuation than conventional fuels. Being exempt from the federal excise tax and the Quebec fuel tax, this gas is undeniably a more cost-effective alternative.

It can also be easily obtained via various fueling stations. As part of the effort to offer users a wider range of services, the development and implementation of fueling stations throughout Quebec continues to grow.

These two benefits contribute to the health and economic development of the province.

Building a better future with natural gas

In light of this information, it is clear that gas is an energy of the future, both for the environment and the economy. If you were hesitant to convert, you can now be well informed.

If you want to learn more about the world of gas and its benefits, browse the blog section of our website. For more information on how this fuel can drive your business further, contact us. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.