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for your green vehicle

Since November 2013, EBI has offered everyone the ability to dispense compressed naturel gas (CNG) vehicles at a public fueling station from our network. The stations are located in Montreal, Berthierville, Joliette, Trois-Rivières and Lévis.

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Locate all flueling stations in North America

You can also use the Natural Resources Canada (NR Canada) locator which groups all fueling stations in North America.

Click here to access the RN Canada locator.

Natural gas fueling station launch

Watch the video recapping the launch of the first two public stations.

Discover EBI’s fueling station network!

EBI operates the largest network of CNG fueling stations in Canada. With the user growth observed in recent years, EBI has decided to pursue development and installation of stations in Quebec and Canada to support transport carriers and provide them a beneficial supply corridor.

Private stations

Do you want to fuel your trucks at your own facilities? EBI has made this a possibility. We offer mobile or fixed private stations that can be installed directly on your property. Our experts handle design, installation, management and maintenance of the station. This is what we call a turnkey service! All you need to do is operate your trucks and save!

Public stations

EBI’s network of public CNG fueling stations aims to provide you with extended and growing mobility. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, public stations are a smart option for carriers whose trucks run on multiple shifts. With potential coverage of over 800 km per fill, your trucks can cover vast territory.

Payment can be made by credit card and fueling contracts are also available in the short, medium or long term.

Join the movement and switch to a green vehicle

If you would like more information on switching to CNG, don’t hesitate to contact the EBI team. Their experience enables them to provide you with sound advice, whether discussing the benefits of a natural gas vehicle or even for the purchase or rental of green vehicles.