How to fuel a compressed natural gas vehicle

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You know how to fill up your standard gasoline vehicle. But do you know how to fuel a vehicle powered by compressed natural gas (CNG)?

These vehicles have been gaining popularity for some time, and rightly so, as they are an effective way to reduce CO2 emissions. As a result, many companies are following in the footsteps of change and abandoning gas-powered vehicles. However, a question remains for future buyers: how do you fuel compressed natural gas vehicles?

Fueling a natural gas vehicle: the two types of service stations

Compressed natural gas fueling stations are not the same as conventional gas stations. There are two main types of CNG service stations: fast fueling stations and slow fueling stations.

Fill up a CNG-powered engine at a fast fueling station

Rapid fueling stations are similar to diesel filling stations. They are designed to provide rapid fueling of compressed natural gas-powered trucks, often in under five minutes, but are also used by light vehicles. Sometimes, there are rapid fueling stations next to gas pumps. These stations receive the CNG from a public service pipeline.

Fueling an eco-friendly vehicle with compressed natural gas at a slow station

Slow fueling stations do not require a storage tank. They are mainly used by heavy vehicles and have larger compressors. Filling a vehicle ranges from a few minutes to a few hours. Fueling costs may also vary depending on the type of station.

Replenishing an eco-friendly vehicle with compressed natural gas

Fueling CNG-powered vehicles is almost the same what you find at local service stations. You can therefore pay directly at the pump with a bank card or credit card if the option is available. Note that most fueling stations are operated without support staff. So there are no gas station attendants. Before you can use these stations, you usually need training to understand how to operate the CNG-dispensing pumps properly.

Filling up with CNG: a step-by-step explanation

1 – First, turn off your vehicle’s engine.

2 – Then remove the fuel cap from the vehicle and lift the fuel nozzle from the pump holder.

3 – You will notice that there are arrows on the nozzle. Align them with each other.

4 – Place the nozzle on the tank inlet and insert it.

5 – Lock the nozzle by turning the lever to align the arrows towards each other.

6 – Insert your credit card and follow the on-screen instructions.

7 – Then lift the dispenser handle and start fueling.

8 – Once the tank is full, switch off the valve by releasing the handle.

9 – Disconnect the nozzle by turning its handle 180 degrees until the arrows point towards each other again.

10 – Remove the nozzle. You will hear a slight pressure release. This is normal.

11 – Replace the nozzle on its holder and replace the cap.

You will find that this process is very similar to the standard gasoline fueling process you are already used to.

EBI Natural Gas: easily fuel your vehicle with compressed natural gas

Choosing a compressed natural gas vehicle is a good way to help reduce CO2 emissions. In addition to being a clean and efficient fuel, CNG offers different fueling options to better suit your needs.

If you are considering purchasing a CNG vehicle, and need more information, contact EBI Natural Gas. Innovation has been at the heart of our company since 1960.