Is the Eco-Trucking Program offered by Transports Québec beneficial to CNG vehicles?

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At the beginning of the decade, concerns about climate change began to grow more serious. With this in mind, the Government of Quebec decided to establish a series of measures to reduce the province’s environmental footprint.

As part of this action plan, Transport Québec’s mission was to contribute a reduction in the environmental footprint of road freight transportation. This is the context in which the Eco-Trucking financial assistance program was established.

What is the Eco-Trucking Program?

The Eco-Trucking Program is a financial assistance service offered by Transports Québec to companies, organizations and individuals who own or operate heavy vehicles. It is intended to support them in their transition to a more energy-efficient model, whether to help them cover the cost of acquiring new technology or vehicles, or to improve existing logistics in an effort to preserve the environment.

Is CNG covered by the Eco-Trucking Program?

Compressed natural gas is currently the fuel with the lowest carbon footprint. This is why an increasing number of environmentally conscious road transport companies are making the transition to CNG. However, the average price of a natural gas truck is higher than a traditional diesel truck, which may discourage more reluctant companies.

Under the Eco-Trucking Program, these companies can benefit from a 30% refund of the additional cost of the CNG vehicle compared to standard vehicles, up to a maximum of $30,000 per vehicle. The financial impact of a conversion to natural gas is greatly reduced, which accelerates the return on investment of the transition.

Other ways to ensure the cost-effectiveness of CNG conversion

The Eco-Trucking Program is not the only financial assistance program available to trucking companies that want to transition to natural gas. When you choose EBI for your transition, you may be eligible for the EBI – Desjardins grant, which provides a 25% refund on the conversion cost of your vehicles.

In addition to the various assistance programs available, you can add the various economic benefits that come with compressed natural gas. These include savings of about 30% per fueling trip compared to conventional fuels, or exemption from various federal and provincial fuel taxes.

Contact EBI for a personalized, fast and cost-effective CNG conversion

Are you considering switching to compressed natural gas to reduce the environmental footprint of your road transport activities? Contact us: we can answer all your questions about the logistics and profitability of this operation and can offer you a personalized solution that meets your needs.

At EBI, we care about the environment, but we also care about the development of your company: that’s why we are committed to providing you with a smooth transition to CNG.