What is the advantage of test driving a compressed natural gas truck?

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The use of natural gas in the transportation sector is growing rapidly in Quebec. At a time when many companies want to reduce their consumption of petroleum products, compressed natural gas (CNG) is seen as the ideal alternative fuel.

However, making the leap to this type of fuel can be difficult without understanding its advantages. A simple solution is to try it out! Let’s find out the benefits of test driving a CNG-powered truck.

Test driving the different CNG truck models

Depending on your industry, you might want to try out different models of CNG trucks.

Regardless of the specific requirements of your professional environment, a test drive will help confirm that there is a type of CNG vehicle that can offer you everything you need.

Whether it’s for freight transportation, construction, public transit or even waste collection, a test drive will help you find the perfect CNG truck model for you.

Seeing if the fueling service is right for you

Test driving a CNG truck can also help you determine if the fueling service meets your needs.

During the test drive, you can also learn about the different fueling methods available, which are distinct from more traditional fuels in terms of refueling time and station locations.

If you opt for a long-term road test, you’ll also find that the price of CNG is generally more stable than most other fuels.

Testing the performance of CNG trucks

A road test will also give you the opportunity to test a truck’s performance. CNG engines offer power and torque comparable to diesel-powered trucks. They are equipped with spark plugs that ensure reliable starting even in severe frost.

CNG engines are also known to be about ten decibels quieter than diesel engines. This is a significant benefit to drivers. However, you can only experience the many benefits when driving a CNG-powered truck.

Test drive at EBI for a winning transition to CNG

In short, test driving a CNG truck will help answer your questions and confirm your choice before making a purchase or lease. Whether you want to try out the different types of vehicles used in your professional environment, make sure the fueling service is right for you or test the performance of your vehicles, a road test is the ideal solution.

For more information on the benefits of CNG or to arrange a test drive, please contact EBI. Our experts will be able to provide you with valuable advice and help you make the leap to CNG.