What are the different fueling methods for compressed natural gas vehicles?

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With global warming on the rise, new fuels are increasingly being considered as hydrocarbon alternatives. Among them, natural gas for vehicles has a promising future ahead of it: it is inexpensive, pollutes far less than diesel and is already used in various sectors around the world. Nevertheless, the distribution and fueling methods of this fuel of the future are still less well known than those of traditional fuels.

In order to encourage the use of natural gas in vehicles, we feel compelled to explain the existing fueling methods and the advantages they offer.

Compressed natural gas: two different fueling methods

Unlike traditional hydrocarbons, compressed natural gas offers two different fueling methods and these vary depending on the desired filling rate.

Quick fill fueling

The first method of CNG fueling is rapid fueling. Fueling stations that use this technique are equipped with powerful compressors and a high-pressure storage tank. This allows drivers to refuel just as quickly as with a diesel engine.

Rapid filling is the method used in the network of public fueling stations in Canada and the United States. However, this type of system can also be installed in a private station to provide the same speed of service as a public station.

Slow fill fueling

The second fueling method involves slowly filling the vehicle. Slow fill stations allow CNG to be filled in a few hours and do not require a storage tank. Moreover, the driver’s presence is not required, which is a definite advantage for companies with a fleet of vehicles that return to their departure point at the end of the day, since the trucks can be supplied overnight. The driver only has to plug in his vehicle at the end of his shift to pick it up the next day, ready for use.

To each his own method of fueling with compressed natural gas!

CNG is one of the most promising fuels of its generation. With its ease of production and a versatile fueling system, it is a first-rate fuel, particularly for freight and passenger transport companies.

EBI is proud to contribute to sustainable development by specializing in the production and distribution of CNG. Thanks to our expertise, we can provide you with all the advice you need to switch to a vehicle powered by this fuel. Do not hesitate to contact us!