Is CNG the fuel with the lowest carbon footprint?

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Electricity is often touted as the most environmentally friendly alternative to traditional gasoline. However, a recent study shows that this is not the case: the title would be more fitting for compressed natural gas.

Over its entire life cycle, the CNG vehicle has a better greenhouse gas balance than all conventional engines. This statement is surprising at first glance but makes sense when comparing CNG with other options.

CNG vehicles, an eco-friendly choice

What gives compressed natural gas a better eco-balance than other fuels? First, CNG almost completely reduces the emission of combustion residues (harmful fine particles). This is

In addition, CNG emits up to 25% less greenhouse gases than diesel fuel, which is the most common fuel used by trucks. Transitioning to compressed natural gas is therefore an environmentally friendly solution for companies with a fleet of trucks.

CNG production, a process with a low carbon footprint

Natural gas is often linked to shale gas extraction, a very detrimental process for the environment, which gives it a bad reputation. However, this isn’t the only way to obtain natural gas.

Biomethanization, the process used by EBI to produce its natural gas, is a fully renewable process that does not emit any greenhouse gases. The method involves converting organic materials into biogas by storing them in an oxygen-free environment under controlled conditions.

Organic waste is transformed into biogas during the fermentation process, which is then refined into natural gas ready for use as a fuel. This method makes it possible to produce a completely renewable natural gas, since the raw material is practically inexhaustible.

Is the carbon footprint of electric vehicles as low as claimed?

Although electric vehicles do not emit any greenhouse gases, their production leaves a very significant carbon footprint. According to a recent ADAC study, pollution caused by the production of electric vehicle batteries show them to be a much less environmentally friendly vehicle than one might think.

In fact, the eco-balance of electric vehicles would only become more positive than that of petrol or diesel vehicles after 8 to 14 years of use. From this perspective, compressed natural gas currently has the best eco-balance of all common fuels.

Contact EBI to reduce your carbon footprint

If your company uses industrial vehicles and wants to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions while opting for a cost-effective fuel solution, converting to compressed natural gas is the right choice for you.

For a cost-competitive transition to CNG, contact EBI. Our company will be pleased to discuss the best energy transition options for your company.