What is natural gas used for?

In Quebec and Canada, natural gas is an important energy source. According to the Canada Energy Regulator, over six million Canadians use it every day. Since natural gas can be used in many [...]

What is compressed natural gas made of?

Natural gas is an increasingly prevalent energy resource in the daily lives of many people. The proof is that in 2016 in Quebec, its consumption accounted for 15% of the total energy consumed. [...]

How to obtain a grant for CNG vehicles

There are various subsidies aimed at encouraging the transition to more fuel-efficient vehicles. These include the Eco-Trucking program and the EBI-Desjardins grant. Are you interested in taking [...]

Will gas be the future of energy for Quebec?

As the environment becomes increasingly important in the collective consciousness and in the public sphere, effective measures to reduce our ecological footprint become essential. Quebec has a [...]