Why choose natural gas to

fuel your vehicle?

If you have yet to discover the many benefits of using compressed natural gas as an energy source for your vehicle, take a moment to read the many facts that support its use. Find out how, as a transportation contractor or owner of a fleet of work vehicles, you can benefit from this environmentally friendly fuel now available to the general public.

Natural gas benefits


Refueling with compressed natural gas (CNG) generates about 30% savings on fuel.
The price of CNG is more stable and less fluctuating than petroleum products.
CNG is exempt from the federal excise tax and the Quebec fuel tax.
Considering the cost of purchasing a CNG truck is higher than a diesel truck, the return on investment is usually obtained after approximately three or four years. When combined with the Quebec Écocamionnage subsidy, which allows for a 30% reimbursement on the additional cost of trucks up to $30,000 per truck, the investment payback period is further reduced.


CNG engines emit 25% less greenhouse gases than diesel-powered engines.
The use of CNG almost completely reduces fine particle emissions that affect air quality and therefore human health.
CNG vehicles emit very little nitrogen oxides (NOx), which are pollutants responsible for smog. The release of other air pollutants such as sulfur oxides (SOx) and carbon monoxide (CO) is also greatly reduced.
Natural gas is lighter than air. It rises and dissipates quickly in the open air. Therefore, there is no possibility of ground spilling.
It is a stable gas that is neither toxic nor corrosive. If it comes in contact with water, it does not mix or contaminate it.


Since CNG is a cleaner fuel than diesel, CNG vehicles do not need an emission control system to meet environmental standards. They do not need diesel particle filters or selective catalytic reduction systems to comply. It is also no longer necessary to use diesel exhaust fluid, also known as urea.
CNG engines deliver comparable horsepower and torque to diesel truck engines. They are equipped with spark plugs, which ensures an efficient start in winter.
CNG engines are also known to be 10 decibels quieter than diesel vehicles. This is a significant benefit for drivers, as well as communities where trucks operate.

Join the movement and switch to a natural gas vehicle!

If you would like more information about all the benefits of switching to compressed natural gas, do not hesitate to contact the EBI team. They have the extensive experience needed to provide you with helpful advice for the purchase or rental of environmentally friendly vehicles.