Compressed Natural Gas Distributor for Vehicles

Since 1960, EBI has stood out for its innovative contribution to environmental sustainability and energy recovery. Now established as a leader in compressed natural gas (CNG) for vehicles, EBI wants an increasing number of companies to join the movement and adopt this environmentally friendly fuel.

EBI compressed natural gas: Innovator and forerunner

More than a decade ago, EBI began a unique process for the production of natural gas from biogas derived from decomposition of residual materials in its technical landfill. In recent years, the company has gradually transitioned its fleet of trucks to CNG to address its reliance on petroleum product price fluctuations. Today, EBI strives to offer a service that will allow more companies to benefit from this clean energy.

Democratizing natural gas

In 2013, EBI opened the first two public CNG refueling stations in Quebec, Canada. These efforts reflect the company’s desire to democratize the use of natural gas.

Today, by making CNG trucks available to its customers and distributing renewable natural gas throughout North America, the company makes a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, in addition to having a positive impact on the profitability of its clients. The use of CNG has positive impacts on a company’s carbon footprint and on its financial results.

EBI: A family affair

The considerable efforts of three generations of local entrepreneurs, backed up by an experienced team of experts, has enabled the shift to CNG. The achievement of this transition made the company understand that innovation involves knowing how to develop tools that make it possible to lead and drive change. This is where the company’s expertise makes all the difference for its customers.
“Making CNG adoption accessible to all is our primary motivation. It is for this reason that we have set up a network of public CNG fueling stations and achieved this by committing ourselves to the continued deployment of our infrastructures.”
– Olivier Sylvestre, director of development for natural gas transportation at EBI.

Switch to compressed natural gas

Although switching from traditional fuels to CNG has enormous benefits for a company, it is normal for such a change of course to raise certain questions. In this respect, our team is on standby to reassure and convince you to make this shift, for the good of your company and society. Do not hesitate to contact our experts. They will be happy to answer all of your questions.
Take part in the movement, for renewed and simplified mobility.