Three Quebec companies that have chosen to run on compressed natural gas

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Natural gas for vehicles is becoming ever more widely available around the world. Every year, automobile manufacturers unveil new models of cars running on natural gas and fueling stations are growing in number.

The enthusiasm for this fuel isn’t just among individuals as businesses gradually begin to recognize and understand the benefits of switching to compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles. Not only does this fuel help companies reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, it is also much more cost-effective than traditional fuels.

In this article, take a look at three examples of Quebec companies that have chosen to forge ahead by switching to compressed natural gas.

Express Mondor’s energy transition

Express Mondor, a large transportation company based in Lanoraie, made the decision in 2016 to convert 50 vehicles in its fleet to CNG trucks by 2026.

Since then, Express Mondor has seen nothing but advantages from its energy transition. Billy Mondor, Vice-President, Material Resources for the Lanaudière company, says that not only has natural gas enabled them to significantly reduce their carbon footprint, but the savings generated by the reduced fuel costs mean they can offer more competitive rates to their customers.

In addition, Express Mondor benefits from the Quebec government’s Eco-trucking assistance program and has received financial assistance for the acquisition of its environmentally friendly trucks.

A turn towards CNG for Transport Dynapro

Having heard some urban legends about the safety of CNG technology, the Quebec company Transport Dynapro was somewhat hesitant when contacted by EBI to test the CNG tractor.

However, the expertise and reliability demonstrated by EBI quickly reassured the decision-makers at the Montreal-based company. Thanks to the explanations and examples provided, they realized that CNG vehicles are indeed safe, both in terms of fueling and in the event of an accident.

Moreover, attracted by the ecological aspect of CNG, the company eventually decided to add four CNG trucks to its fleet. The company is already seeing the undeniable advantages that CNG will provide in the long term.

EBI: an entire fleet running on compressed natural gas

More than 10 years ago, EBI had realized that natural gas was a resource of the future. Consequently, the company decided to implement a unique process for natural gas production. This initiative prompted the company to transition its fleet of trucks, starting with its waste collection trucks.

Today, EBI owns more than a hundred CNG trucks and offers a short, medium- or long-term rental service so that companies can test these vehicles for themselves.

Have questions about compressed natural gas for your company fleet? Contact EBI!

A growing number of companies in Quebec are adding CNG vehicles and trucks to their fleets because of the many advantages the technology has to offer. Choosing natural gas helps companies reduce their environmental footprint and save on fuel costs.

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