Three highway tractor manufacturers offering CNG engines

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Compressed natural gas (CNG) is becoming increasingly popular around the world for the many benefits it provides. This increase in popularity has not only led to more CNG fueling stations across Canada, but also to a growing number of highway tractor manufacturers now offering CNG engines for their vehicles.

In this article, discover three examples of manufacturers who have decided to embrace this shift into the future of road transportation!

Volvo’s CNG highway tractors are as eco-friendly as they are comfortable.

For some years now, renowned vehicle manufacturer Volvo has offered a few models of CNG-powered highway tractors. The Swedish manufacturer is therefore contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from road transport. These vehicles are equipped with Cummins ISX12 G engines from Cummins Engines.

Volvo’s highway tractors are highly valued by their customers for the many benefits they provide not only to their businesses, but also to drivers. For example, the American company Manhattan Beer, which purchased Volvo’s CNG heavy trucks for its fuel transition, says its drivers love how quiet the trucks are. Moreover, they point out that unlike heavy diesel vehicles, CNG trucks require minimal maintenance.

In response to its customers’ needs, Kenworth decided to offer CNG highway tractors

Committed to customer satisfaction and wanting to meet their needs, Kenworth decided in 2013 to add a CNG engine option to its Kenworth T880 model of highway tractor. This truck is also equipped with the Cummins ISX12 G engine.

The undeniable durability and reliability of the Kenworth T880 natural gas engine make it an ideal vehicle for professional fleets. In addition, the cost-effectiveness of compressed natural gas fueling is a great advantage for companies. Furthermore, the very spacious cab offers unparalleled driver comfort.

Freightliner’s green philosophy has driven the creation of CNG trucks

In 2007, the German transport company Daimler launched its global initiative “Shaping Future Transportation”, with the primary goal of reducing pollutants, carbon dioxide and fuel consumption. The manufacturer Freightliner, being a division of Daimler, therefore pledged to contribute to this major project by developing its own CNG-powered highway tractors.

Today, Freightliner offers three models of natural gas-powered heavy-duty trucks: the Cascadia 113, the M2 and the 114SD. Since their creation, the manufacturer has found that these vehicles offer users a number of real benefits, including reduced engine noise, the less volatile price of natural gas and their eco-friendly quality.

Test drive a CNG highway tractor with EBI

Volvo, Kenworth and Freightliner are just a few examples of heavy truck manufacturers that offer CNG engines. CNG is becoming more and more popular among carriers and will certainly continue growing in the years to come.

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