Your compressed natural
gas supplier for vehicles

A driving force in the evolution of road transport, EBI invites you to take part in the movement by opting for an economical and environmentally-responsible fuel: Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

Natural gas: a choice that benefits you

A sector of activity with many challenges, road transportation is changing and beginning a major shift towards alternative fuels.

Help build a cleaner, greener, and above all more profitable future with EBI’s fueling services. We are the leading CNG supplier in the Canada transportation industry.

Natural gas for vehicles: an innovative option

As a CNG supplier for vehicles, EBI is at the forefront and is paving the way for the energy transition in Canada’s transportation sector.
Our network of public and private CNG stations provides you wide and growing mobility. With 6 public stations accessible in the country in 2018, CNG transportation has never been easier to adopt.
Do you want to rent before buying? No problem! You can opt for CNG trucks rentals offered in short, medium and long term.

Compressed Natural Gas: Many possible applications

The sectors of activity suitable for CNG use in the transport industry are wide-ranging. Whether for heavy trucks, light and medium-sized vehicles, vocational trucks such as pickup trucks, buses or construction vehicles, or government and municipal fleets, many options exist. EBI offers you a needs assessment and a solution focused on achieving your goals.

camions lourds
véhicules légers et intermédiaires
camions vocationnels
flottes municipales et gouvernementales

Make EBI your compressed natural gas supplier

Do not hesitate to contact us and find out more or visit our interactive map to find a fuelling station near you.

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